“All I Want” is all about pushing Christians further in their faith, ideas, and thoughts. We desire not to persuade, but to provoke a deeper understanding of what it means to know God. Stemming from Adam’s song “All I Want,” we know that wanting to know God and who he is is the most important thing that we can do in our life. This blog is a pouring out of our journeys, and the surrendering of our lives to knowing Him. We hope you are as encouraged reading it as we have been writing it.


Adam Clasen– Adam is a Senior at Grand Canyon University, currently studying Christian Studies. He looks to be a worship pastor after he graduates. He is interested in music, theology, and adorable cats. Adam was born in Bakersfield, California, and moved to Pahrump, Nevada at young age. Growing up in the church, Adam always knew about God. It wasn’t until high school that he fully dedicated his life to the Lord. Adam looks to encourage, grow, and shepherd everyone that he comes into contact with.